Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

We had a pretty low key New Years Eve. My parents came over and we had dinner and watched the kids movie UP. Way cute movie I might add. Then my parents left and we played a game with my brothers. At 11:15 Justin and I were in bed reading our books. I looked over at him and laughed. You know your getting old when your in bed reading books, waiting for the ball to drop. We did however stay awake till midnight, and we did watch the ball drop. At approximatly 12:10 the lights were out and we were sound asleep. Happy New Year!!!!

New Years day we woke up and met my parents at their house to all caravan down to Salt Lake City. We rented a couple of hotel rooms and had a little Colgrove family vacation. We spent our time eating out, shopping, more eating, even more shopping and hanging out together in our hotel rooms. We all had a great time! Tessa my sister who lives in Provo was able to meet up with us for a couple of days too. it was great to spend time together. The boys loved swimming in the hotel pool. Kamden as always was super timid, but Karson was much more brave. I think that it is funny to see their personalities come out more and more each day. Sunday afternoon we headed back home.


Valerie said...

Your Christmas and New Years looked so much fun! I love the pictures of your boys on the couch with the suckers, so cute! And I cant' believe you will have another little boy in your house soon! Have you thought of names yet?

Janica said...

You Johnsons are ALWAYS up to so much fun!!! The holidays looked fantastic. Brax also got the Dragon Castle and it was a huge hit. Are you just getting so excited for lil' boy #3? You look great.

Erich said...

All I have to say is at least you made it until midnight!
The UT vacation looked fun, hope the wedding planning is well on its way. We do need to try and plan a get together though.
Happy New Year!

The WIlloughby Family said...

Sounds like fun!!! Your boys are so brave in the water--little fishies! My kids are such chickens and we live 1 block away from the pool and we go often...ugh!!! I can't wait to see you, we will have fun!