Friday, April 16, 2010


Last Monday Justin, Oliver and myself loaded up in the car to head to California for Taylias funeral. That first night we drove through a terrible snow storm. We could hardly see the road and had to drive super slow. Finally at about 11:30 we made it to St. George and stayed for the night. We were up bright and early and made a quick run to Walmart and then we were back in the car. We then drove from St. George to southern California. Oliver was a champ and hardly made a peep the entire drive. That night we went to Taylia parents house to meet up with everyone and see Jeff and the kids. It was super hard to see Jeff and the kids and not completely loose it. We drove to Manhattan beach to stay with some friends of Sara and her mom Dawn. It was so good to see Sara and her mom and we had lots of fun catching up. That next morning we were up early to head to the funeral. The funeral was beautiful. Jeff spoke and did such an amazing job. He is the strongest man I have ever met. It is amazing that all these people come to comfort him and he ends up being the one to comfort us. It was so good to catch up with all our old Michigan friends. Even though only two of them still live there. I feel as though we have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Taylia was burried in a beautiful cemetary overlooking the ocean. It was so her! It was hard to say goodbye to Taylia. She meant so much to me and it was hard to loose such a good friend. We shared some really special things and for that I am so greatful. The next morning we were able to go to the Newport Temple and that was really an amazing experience. I thought a lot about gratitude for all we have, especially the wonderful friendships we share. The rest of the time we were able to chat and hang out with Jeff the kids, friends and family. We were sad to have to head home but so ready to see Kamden and Karson. We left that evening and drove to Primm Nevada. The next morning we headed back to Idaho, only stopping for a quick bite to eat with my little sis Tess in Provo. It was such a wonderful trip and I am so glad we were able to go.

Seeing as though this was Olivers first trip I had to stop and get a picture of him and a palm tree. To bad we never made it to the beach.

A group of us at the Newport Temple. Jeff, and his parents, Kia (Tays sister) Sara and Us.

Good Ole Michigan Friends. Jenn Cobia, Krisi Holbrook, me, Jenny Squire, Brook Neal, Ami Jorgensen, Liz Jaggi, Sara Prescott, and Christina Jackman.

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