Monday, April 12, 2010

It's hard to say good bye.

My really good friend Taylia Olsen passed away March 27th. She was blow drying her daughters hair when her heart suddenly stopped. She left behind a wonderful husband and four small children. At the time the were living in China.

I first met Taylia at church in Michigan. She was all smiles as she introduced herself and invited us over for dinner. I was amazed how friendly she was to a complete stranger and we accepted the invitation. When we showed up at the Olsen house they were so hospitable. We instantly felt comfortable, and felt as though we were old friends. That is where it all began. The first of many memories to come...

Taylia loved children. When we first moved to Michigan we only had Kamden and he was a small baby. One night we were over at the Olsens for dinner and I couldn't get Kamden to stop crying. Taylia took him for me and sang to him and kissed him and he immediantly stopped crying. She was so patient and it didn't matter to her that it wasn't her own. As the years went by and our kids grew up she continued to be a great example of a mother and my kids loved her. She was always around to help me out with them and I always felt comfortable leaving my kids with her.

She was a great teacher. We would spend hours talking in person and on the phone and I learned so much from her. She was like an older sister to me. I will always cherish those deep conversations we had!

She didn't judge me. She loved me for who I was. She was true to herself and what you saw is what you got. She was strong and she was proud of who she was.

We loved havimg dinner together and playing games.

Tay was super funny and always made me laugh.

Almost every single Holiday we were in Michigan we spent together. They became our family away from home.

Taylia was very generous with her time, love and friendship. She had several friends and was loved by many. She will surly be missed.

I think Justin said it best on his own blog when he wrote:

Did you notice that the world got a little bit dimmer Saturday afternoon?
On Saturday a friend left to go back to where we all strive for. Sadly she left behind a family that is confused, friends that don't quite understand, and a world that needs more people like her.
Today my faith says that she is in a better place, that I understand that this is part of the plan and that a divine force is at work. Unfortunately my heart doesn't quite agree with my faith. Today three little girls can't say good morning to their mommy, a little boy has no one to kiss his ouchy and a man I love and respect has no sweet heart to tell "I Love You"
I guess the plan now is to push forward and seek to remember. Remember the good times and the impact that she had on our lives and the lives of others. To remember to tell people that you love them because in the blink of an eye they can leave this life. When we are brought face to face with our mortality we can either respond in fear of the unknown or in hope of a brighter future.
Thank you Heavenly Father for letting Taylia cross my path, letting me know who she was. I look forward to the morning that I can see her again.

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