Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Bees!

What have we been busy doing this past week. Well let me fill you in.

Ollie pop turned two months old and had his baby well visit and got his first set of shots. SAD, and let me tell you he has been very grouchy since! At two months old Ollie-

Weight 10lbs 13oz
Height 22.5"
Both somewhere in the 30th percentile. What a little tyke.
He has now found his hands and constantly has them in his mouth.
He loves when people talk to him and he talks right back with his coos. Mr. Jabber Box.
Smiles a lot!
Now that he is getting a little bit bigger Kam and Karson are becoming much more interested in him. They love feeding him. (Of course with lots of help!) They love singing to him and talking to him. They always want to hold him. It is so fun watching these boys grow up together. I just love having boys!!!

Also this week we have been trying to potty train Karson. This kid is sooooo stubborn. He is totally and completely capable of going potty in his potty but he will only do it when he wants to. The other times he just does it wherever he pleases. In the yard, downstairs, on the floor, in his undies. He just really doesn't care! Then other times he will just walk himself into the potty sit down and go all by himself. GEEEZ! So we went to the store and got a bubble gum dispenser and put M&Ms in it. Now every time he goes potty in his potty chair he gets to turn the thing and out pops a M&M. This has been working much better and I am so proud to say (knock on wood) no accidents yet today! The kids loves his chocolate! Last week I was back in my room indulging in some chocolate and I heard Karson coming and didn't want to share so I hurry and put it in the drawer. Luckily he didn't see me but that didn't much matter because as soon as he walks up to me he sits on my lap takes a sniff and says "Ma I want some chocolate". The kid is like a trained hound dog looking for chocolate.

So one fine day I am sitting back in my bedroom feeding Oliver relaxing a little to much when suddenly it occurs to me that it is a little to quite for comfort. I had just previously put a movie on for Kam and Kars to entertain them while I fed the baby so I thought to myself hmm maybe they are just really into the movie. So I finish feeding the baby and then come out to find ...GASP!!! baby butt cream (aka Desitin) all over the place. The leather chair, the carpet, the walls, the table, the blinds. I mean really how can two little ones possibly accomplish all this in a few minutes.

Lets just say Desitin is by far the hardest thing I had to clean up!


The WIlloughby Family said...

Love the name Ollie Pop...so cute!!!!!! He is getting so big and I love baby smiles!!! So now I have a super dumb question for you...I have that same gum dispenser and I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME get the thing to pop out a candy...I threw away the directions on the package (of course) and now I have NO IDEA..HELP!!

Jamie said...

I love the stories of your boys! Your posts always make me laugh!!

Can't wait to hang out Friday!!! :)

Matt and Jessie said...

Okay, the Desitin everywhere is CRAZY! Gotta love that smell everywhere!! Just wait until your cute little Ollie can keep up with the other two. They are gonna give you a run for your money!!

The Squire Family said...

HA HA HA!!! Your boys are sooo funny! I can just picture them sneaking around so quietly when you are not in the room. Totally encouraging each other along the way!

I TOTALLY sneak treats when my kids aren't looking and they too have a sense for it. I get mad and tell them they aren't the gum (candy, ice cream...) police.

I LOVE the name Ollie Pop. What a cutie!!

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