Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May in a nutshell...or a MAYbe not!

Okay, I know, I know.... I have been quite the blog slacker lately. I realize this post is long overdue but in my defense- A) My memory card reader broke so I had to find a cord to transfer all my pictures from my camera to the computer and B) It's been a very busy month.

We celebrated my 28th Birthday April 30th by going out to eat with other couples. I must admit that I have some pretty great friends who also happen to be great family. It was so nice to sit around a table and chat over good food. One of my favorite things to do! I must have some Italian in me somewhere. Then we came back to the house and played some games. Thanks Andrew and Stephanie for hanging out with us till the wee hours of the morning! It was a wonderful birthday. I got my birthday gift from Justin weeks earlier because he was so excited to give it to me. This is what he got for me!

And yes I feel like a very lucky girl and am absolutely loving the heck out of my Apple I-pad!
That next night Justin stayed home with the boys and I went with the family to Karlees dance recital. I am sad that it will be the last one, I have really enjoyed going to them over the years.

The next weekend the Birthday fun continued as we celebrated another birthday with our great friends Chad and Amy. Chad too turned 28 and we went out to dinner at Jakers then back to our house for games. (If you couldn't tell we love games!) It was a very fun night with some wonderful friends! That very next night we were able to try out another great restaurant with some more great friends, the Calls. A very fun Double Date night with us and our two infants in tow. The fun of the weekend didn't stop there for the next day we celebrated one of my favorite days of the year: Mothers Day! I love this day not only because it is a day to get spoiled but, for me it is also a day to celebrate being able to be a mother! I feel so blessed to have three beautiful boys! We celebrated with the Johnson family by making dutch oven dinners. So delicious! It was the perfect mothers day! I wish I would have go some fun pictures from this weekend but sadly I didn't get any!Justin and the boys got me a B.O.B jogging stroller. It is so nice and I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can use it more!

Thursday, the night of May 13th, we went up into the mountains and had a hot dog roast with my sister and brother in law. We were having a great time roasting hot dogs and marsh mellows and then decided to shoot guns. Well Ellie, our dog, gets pretty scared when we shoot guns but usually just hides under the car. When we were done shooting we couldn't find her anywhere. We called and called but she never came. Justin hiked up to the top of the mountain calling for her and still couldn't find her (it was quite the hike). We drove up and down the road and still could not find her. At this point Kamden was crying, Karson was tired, Ollie was loosing his patience and daylight was fading fast. We finally after hours of looking for her had to leave without her. At the crack of dawn Justin went back up to the spot where we had been the previous night. He found dog tracks but there was no Ellie. He left notes in all the mailboxes around about our lost dog and info then headed back down. Later that day a man called him and told him that he had found Ellie earlier that morning while he was hunting. He didn't know who's dog it was. (Ellies tags came off earlier and I had yet to get them back on her.) He let her tag along with him until later that afternoon he stopped at one of the houses on his way out and asked if they knew whose dog she was. Well thanks to Justins letter that he had left in their mail box they knew we were looking for her and our phone number.The man who found her was amazed at how good of dog she was. Luckily we were reunited with our little Ellie Bellie. I think we were all very grateful to have her back. Next time we go shooting she will have to stay in the car.

The next night Justin and the two older boys headed out to Fielding park for the Father and sons campout. ( A ward activity where Fathers and their sons go for a night to campout.) Because we had been having such crappy weather I made them a nice cozy bed in the back of the Expedition. Although I don't think that Justin stayed very comfortable I think they stayed at least warm. The boys had a great time with their dad as they always do. They came home stinken dirty. I guess that is the fun of it all.

Sunday night we went up to Chad and Debbies for a survivor finale party. I hadn't been that big of fan of Survivor the whole season but when I heard we were having a finale party I didn't want to be lost while watching it. So the entire previous week I had caught up on all this seasons episodes online. Man I really got into it and remembered how much I loved the show.

On Thursday the night of the 20th we headed to Boise for a little weekend getaway. One of Justin's scouts made it to state for Tennis so we went over to support and watch him play. The weather was super crapy so I ended up staying indoors with the boys most of the time but it was still super fun. We went shopping and went to a pizza place with some delicious pizza. (Thanks Jade for the suggestion!) Also while we were over there are little baby O turned 3 months old! I will post more on this later. Breydan ended up doing pretty well and it was lots of fun. Sunday night we enjoyed a BBQ at Justins parents house in honor of Karlee, his little sister, for graduation. It was great to visit and see family that had come into town for the occasion. Monday night we went to Karlees graduation from Shelley High School. It had reminded me of my own graduation 10 years ago. Congrats to Karlee! We love you bunches and will miss you lots! I first met Karlee when she was four years old! It has been so much fun watching her grow up through all these years. It's hard for me to believe that she is now all graduated from High School and moving on in life.

So this past weekend, Memorial weekend we decided to stay home and have a nice relaxing three day weekend. We went to the movies, Justin to the new Robin Hood movie and me to Letters to Juliet, and ate out at the new Famous Daves in town. Totally Delicious by the way. Went for a walk around the river, and fed the ducks. Had some wonderful dinners with my family, Justins family, and Chad and Amy. Played games. Went to another BBQ and went to put flowers for our loved ones on their grave sites. It was a wonderful weekend! Nice and Relaxing.

So that is May in a nutshell...okay more like a novel!


Tennille Butler said...

Happy birthday! Its hard to think that we are on the verge of our 30's, seriously how did that happen. Didn't we just graduate? sounds like you had a great birthday.

Andrew and Steph said...

Those are some good times! I know because I was at a lot of them :) I love the pictures and it has been fun hanging out too.

The Squire Family said...

Sounds like a great, fun-filled month! I know you just love being near family and I know why---your family is FUN! You are always getting together. I'd love it too!

The WIlloughby Family said...

Love the iPad!! Love the pics too!!!! We should try and do something next week!