Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrate the Birthdays.

So after we got home from Boise Justin packed up and headed to Moab for High Adventure Scout Camp. I am going to have him write a post all about his trip because some of the stuff they did was pretty amazing. Also that same day My mom, the little boys and I headed down to Utah to surprise my little sister for her Birthday. We had a fun few days spending time with her and Page (her hubby) the boys especially loved swimming in the hotel pool with Tessa. Kamden was much more adventures then usual and would work his way around the pool holding onto the sides. He was pretty nervous when Tessa pulled him out into the middle of the pool and let go of him, and he was surprised to find that he could touch the bottom. He went right back to the side and kept working his way around. Karson on the other hand has no fear of the pool he would jump right in. Because he had cracked his head open just the weekend before we decided to put a shower cap on his head while he swam. We got some pretty funny looks! Oh well, the boys had a great time. Our trip ended way to soon. I think that Tessa had a pretty good Birthday!

We then celebrated Kamdens Birtday with the family June 13th and had a friend party on June 18th. (Although the only people that were able to come were his cousins.) This year he was super excited for his Birthday and understood a lot more what it was about. It was very cute seeing his enormous grin on his face as we celebrated him!

Party #1

Party #2

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