Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer time madness.

This summer has already been crazy busy! At times things seem a bit hectic and nothing that needs to be getting done is, but man have we been having fun.

This summer we have already taken two trips to Boise. We love it there and it always seems to make for a nice weekend getaway. We love visiting friends and of course eating at good ole Buffalo wild wings. I always love the shopping and the boys always love to hit up build a bear. We had two fabulous weekends there all except for Karson falling and cracking his head open! Yikes. Luckily Dr. DAD came to the rescue and bandaged it right up, although it is questionable weather or not it needed stitches. But as of now it is healing up nicely. We love road trips!!


Kam made a Panda bear dressed as Batman and Karson made a tiger dressed as a football player. This cracks me up because it is so them.

Our great friends the Oakes family! Josh Veronica, and baby Blake.

The weather was beautiful there. One of the things I love about Boise. We spent a lot of our time outside. This little park is right down the street. The boys had a lot of fun burning off some energy playing tag. Even the big boys!

King of the slide. My little Bro Eli was able to come with us on one time. We had a lot of fun having him around.


Our two trips to Boise was a great way to kick off the summer.

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