Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Boy.

Our little Kam man turned the big 5 years old yesterday. I can hardly believe that five years has gone by so fast! What a big boy we have. No longer is Kam a toddler but now a little boy. I am so thankful that this little sweetheart was sent to our family!

Kam at five years old:
-Weight 53lbs
-Height 4ft tall
-Very sweet
-Wears his emotions on his sleeve. (Will cry at sad parts in Movies, loves to kiss and hug, and is a cuddle bug. )
-He is sensitive, but I love this about him. (When my friend Taylia passed away not to long ago I was crying and Kamden came up to me and asked me what the matter was, I told him that I missed my friend, and I wouldn't be able to see her for awhile because she went to live with Jesus. He then told me that he and dad would build me a spaceship and fly me up to Jesus so I could see her.)
-Very creative- loves to draw, paint, color and do anything artistic. Also loves to play in the land of make believe.
-Timid about new experiences, but once he finds something or someone he loves he latches right on.
-Loves to take things apart. If the boy finds a screwdriver half my house is taken apart.
-Likes to sing and dance.
-Very silly, and such a tease.
- Can count to ten and knowes most of his colors.
-Loves to play outside.
-Quite the little negotiator.

When I asked him what his favorite things were this is what he replied:
Favorite color- blue
Favorite food-hot dogs.
Favorite treat- fruit snacks
Favorite toy- water toys.
Favorite thing to do- do my work (color, paint, ect.) and go to dads work.
Favorite T.V show- Star Wars
Favorite animal- Giraff
Favorite sport-running

We are so lucky to have Kamden as a part of our family. We sure love you little buddy! >


The WIlloughby Family said...

This was such a cute thing to do for Kamden. He looks so old and so handsome!! In one of the last pictureshe totally looks like your mom, it was weird because I think he is all Justin..

Anonymous said...

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