Friday, June 4, 2010

A boy after his Fathers own heart.

Kamden had his last day of Preschool yesterday. When he got home we danced around singing "Schools out for summer". Then he asked me what that meant. As I was trying to explain to him that this school year was over and that he wouldn't have school again till after summer was over he got even more confused. He has no idea how long a week is let alone a summer. So instead I told him that he didn't have school for a long time and next year we would go to his new school. He got all sad and bothered by this and told me "mom I want to go to school". Ahhh yes a boy after his own Fathers heart! Don't worry Kam school will come again soon enough.

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Matt and Jessie said...

So funny! Hope he stays that way! Tyler was sad his last day too. I tried to explain things to him the same way and he started to cry. He thinks he is being punished or something. Hopefully the sun comes out so that they can get a taste of why summer is fun!