Monday, August 30, 2010

Look who is six months old!

Ollie at six weeks.

Ollie at six months.
What a difference six months makes!

I can't believe our little Oliver is already six months old. The last six months went by so fast! Here is some stats about our little O at six months.
  • He weights 16lbs 2oz. (32nd percentile)
  • He is 27 1/4" long. (75th percentile)
  • He is such a happy baby. Laughs and smiles all the time.
  • He loves to be around people one on one.
  • Very mellow, he can entertain himself for hours.
  • Goes to bed @ 7:30 wakes up at 3:30 has a bottle, then sleeps till 7:00.
  • Takes two naps. One at 9am and one at 2pm, both are two hours long.
  • At Olivers doctor visit the Dr. told me to stop swaddling him. Oliver LOVES to be swaddled so this has been kinda ruff.
  • He has no interest in eating food. I tried and at first thought that he would love it, but he just spits it out. I gave up and will try again in a couple weeks.
  • Loves the bath and playing in the water.
  • Loves cuddling with a blanket or a soft toy.
  • Now that he isn't swaddled he loves to be rocked to sleep. (I'm tying not to make a habit out of it.)
He is such a joy in our life. He loves to see his brother and especially his Dad. He always has a huge smile on his face when we go to pick him up. We are so thankful he is a part of our family.


Valerie said...

he is so so adorable! I can't believe he is six months either! I love his big brown eyes, what a doll!

TBird and Mikelle said...

He is so cute! I love his cute little round head! What a fun little boy! I bet your other boys just love him to death!

Matt and Jessie said...

Six months have gone by? Crazy! He is such a cute little guy! You must be loving that he is such a good napper and sleeper!

Leslie said...

what a cutie! you take awesome photos...teach me your secrets!