Thursday, August 5, 2010


Do you see this hungry face. Formula is just not cutting it for this little man. We gave him apple juice for the first time the other day and although at first he was like "what the heck is this" he now loves the stuff.

I was eating pizza while holding him and he just stared at me while I ate. He watched the pizza move to my mouth then watched it go back to the plate, then back to my mouth. He wouldn't take his eyes off the pizza and was grabbing at it. Okie Dokie baby O, I guess your ready for some good ole Rice cereal!

What is this stuff?
Gagging! Gagging here.

This is the "what the heck are you trying to feed me" look.

After a few more bites he was a little more content. He actually did pretty good for his first time, and he actually ate quite a bit of that yucky stuff. Turns out he was pretty ready for food.

Smile...cause a full belly feels so good.

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Leslie said...

Now I don't feel so bad about Logan's gagging moments with his first cereal experience. I just wish I would have captured them in a picture like you did! What cute boys you have!