Monday, June 22, 2009

A Dedicated Father.

After a weekend away from home, where is my hubby as soon as we get home at 9:00 Sunday. Not downstairs watching T.V, not in bed sleeping, but outside working on the boys swing set! What a dedicated Father!

Justin proved himself to be a wonderful Father the second Kam was born. Holding and cuddling him and even changing all those gross first diapers. As a matter of fact I don't think I even changed Kamden for the first week of his life because Justin did it. He even showed me how to burp Kamden "the right way", after the nurses had taught him. ;)
Nothing has changed through the years, he is still an amazing dad. He still changes diapers, wakes with the kids in the night, and sometimes even sleeps in Kams tiny twin bed because Kam needs him. He has a heart of gold and the strength to carry us all through our rough times. He is an amazing father therefore and amazing husband. Thank you so much Justin for being such a dedicated dad! You truly are the best and we are lucky to have you! Happy fathers day Justin!


Atwoods said...

what a good guy. show some finished looks like a sweet set!

Harts said...

what a fun swing set, are you are so lucky to have such a great hubby

Andrew and Steph said...

How sweet! I think it runs in the family!

Erich said...

what a good dad! I LOVE that pic of kam & Karson during kam's b-day. you guys really know how to celebrate can I come over there for my b-day :)