Friday, June 19, 2009

Guess who is four years old!

Our little man Kamden turned four years old on Saturday the 13th. And oh boy did we celebrate! Thursday night kicked off our Birthday festivities at Pa and Tutus. We had a wonderful birthday dinner, cake and presents. Kamden was pretty surprised, and thrilled to start celebrating his B-day. Friday morning we had a Spiderman themed party where Kam was able to invite some of his friends. We played games, had a spiderman pinata, ate cake, and more presents. He had such a fun time and it was so fun to plan and put together.

Birthday Boy!

The party crowd!

The delicious cake!

Blow Kam Blow!

Birthday boy and brother!

Saturday morning when Kam woke up I told him Happy Birthday and told him that he was now four years old. He asked me "Ma what does four years old do?" I told him that it means that he is growing up and getting big, all the sudden he got all excited and replied "OH MA, I'm almost as big as you!" It was so cute. Saturday afternoon Kam attended his friend C.J.s birthday party. Then afterwards Justin and I took him on a little date and went to game world. He loved it of course and was able to play all the games to his hearts desire. Then we went for ice cream. It was fun to spend the one on one time with him.

Sunday we had one more party with the family. We enjoyed some left over cake and more presents. This year we also decided to buy the boys a swing set for their birthdays. Thanks to all our family for pitching in on it. Although it isn't even close to being put up due to all the rainy days, I know that once it is they will have so much fun!

Happy Birthday Kamden we sure love you!

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Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Kamden! Sounds like lots of birthday fun! :) Don't you love how it turns into "birthday week" instead of "birthday day"?!? But, the more fun the better, huh? We're excited for your next party!!