Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a big boy!

Took Kamden to his Four year old physical and this is how he measured up!

He is 42 lbs- (95%) and a whopping 44" tall (so tall he is off the charts). We have a giant on our hands! :)

Dr. Edwards says that he looks great but might need some private speech therapy. Back at the begging of the year I had him tested through the school district and they said that he did not qualify for the free speech program. When I asked the Dr. how much the private speech therapy cost he told me that it runs about $150 a session and they usually do one session per week. WHAT! How can anybody afford that! I guess for now we will just have to wait till the next school year begins so we can test him again, and hopefully get some free speech therapy. Other then that the Dr. said that Kam looked great! Poor little guy had to get shots before leaving and he scrame so loud my ears rang! But thank heavens we will be done with that till he is 11 now!

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Kam has really started to grow up. He is such a funny little man and has quite the energetic personality. He loves teasing everyone and is very silly. Lately he has been taking apart everything and anything with the screw driver. He takes the door plates off the doors, takes apart chairs, toys, and pretty much anything with screws in it. I finally had to start hiding all the screw drivers or my whole house would be dissembled. Kamden has always been more timid, but is defiantly coming out of his shell a little. He loves to sing and dance, play blocks, and watch Diego and Dora. He loves to snuggle in the mornings, and stay up late watching football with dad. He loves to explore, and see how things work. He is such a fun little guy and we love him so much. Our family just wouldn't be the same without him!


Audra said...

Kam you are such a cutie and crack me up! We love you!

taylia said...

ok he looks super grown up. Wow it happens fast doesn't it? Enjoy the moments!!!

TBird and Mikelle said...

I cannot believe how big he is! Holy cow.. that has gone by so fast!