Tuesday, June 2, 2009

While the cats away the mouse will play.

While Justin was gone this last week we sure found some good ways to keep ourselves busy. It turned out to be a wonderful week!

Tuesday: Went to the cemetery yet again this time with my Aunts and some cousins. They went to visit my Grandpa and Grandmas grave. My mom has 12 siblings. When they get together it is a lot of fun. It was especially fun to see my good friend and cousin Kara. We all went to lunch together and besides the fact that my children were extremely unruly we had a nice time. That night we had family pictures with my family and then all headed off to Austins High School Graduation. We are so proud of him and excited for his next adventure in life.

Wednesday morning Justin flew out to Mississippi bright and early for work. I was a single parent for five days. My sister Tessa came and stayed with me and kept me company. It is always fun to have her around. That night the boys and I went to Randy's eight grade graduation. He had surgery a couple of weeks ago on his neck and has been required to wear a neck brace since then. Despite it he still choose to walk in his Graduation. Way to go Randy. Afterward we went to their house for cake and to play.

Thursday I decided that while Justin was gone I was going to decorate our master bedroom. The rest of the week and weekend I was so busy getting the room all put together. I finally got it all done just in the nick of time. Of course I didn't do it all alone my family helped me out a ton. Justin was pleasantly surprised, and it was so much fun to do it all for him.

Of course I still need to change out the bedding and get more stuff on the walls, but its much better then the dark brown walls.

Friday night I took a quick break from all my hard labors :) and had a girls night out. It was so much fun. We got food from Cafe Rio and took it to the park to eat. After that we all went and got manicures and pedicures at Austin Kade, then headed over to Mary Ellens house for some root beer floats. It was a wonderful night and I really enjoy being able to go out and just be a girl! After all Girls just want to have fun!

Usually it's the boys wearing me out, but this week I managed to even wear them out!


The WIlloughby Family said...

I love your new profile pic--My sweet little beautiful Chelsea!

Harts said...

your room looks great :) Sounds like you did tons of work this week! Every time brand leaves, I seem to get lots done too :) And the girls night sounds way fun (by the way i am here in Shelley until sat :)

Celeste Adams said...

Hey thats my mom in that picture! Thanks for makin me cry. I miss Idaho like crazy. You got lucky moving back close to family. Your room looks great. Did you make the curtain and everything?

Tom said...

Chelsea, the bedroom turned out beautiful. My favorite thing about it is the flowing white curtains. It reminds me a beach house. Too bad when you look out your window you don't see a beautiful ocean view. Maybe you could buy a beach/ocean scented candle. You did a great job! Angela Maddock

Erich said...

Absolutely LOVE The room--it turned out so beautiful and peaceful. Which we both know you need after fun days of wrestling with your two cutie pies. They are just so darn fun and energetic.
It was so awesome to see you. We need to plan our next outing. I told Erich Justin is in to rock climbing and he got really excited :) Love this whole living closer business. Hope Mississippi went well for Justin.

kholbro said...

Your bedroom looks awesome!! Can I hire you to do mine?? :)