Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Wedding Day!!!

Today I am feeling a bit glum. Today I am supposed to be at one of my best friends wedding in the Caribbean, Antigua to be exact. Justin and I had been planning this trip for over a year. But with our recent move home and a series of unfortunate events (such as our house still for sell in Michigan, and a sink hole needing fixed in the back yard) we ended up having to cancel our getaway! Although I know that I made the responsible decision about not finding myself more in debt, I sit here on the day of the wedding completely bummed! I could be in sunny Antigua (it's a nice 84 degrees there right now) on the beach sippin a virgin pina colada, with my best friends! Instead I am sitting here (it's only 31 degrees here right now) completely bummed.

Okay, okay enough about me! The real reason for the post is not so you can hear me complain. It is to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people. Today my best friend Brandi will be marrying a down right devilishly handsome Jeff Savage. I couldn't be happier for them. Six years ago Brandi and I met at pizza hut. We were both servers their. Instantly we clicked. Our friendship came easy. Work was always fun when I got to do it with her. There would be days we would laugh so hard it hurt. Over the years she has become one of my biggest supporters and best friend. She has flown across the country twice, to be there for me after I had my babies. Anytime I ever needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to she has been there for me. As you can see she is a wonderful friend. She met Jeff three years ago. As soon as I met him I could see that he was madly in love with Brandi. He treated her like a princess and swooned over her every need. I knew right away that this was the man that was worthy of Brandi. Jeff is one of the most caring people I have ever met, a true gentleman. So today I am filled with joy. Joy that two people so wonderful have found each other. Joy that they get to find happiness together. Joy that they have found everlasting love. To be honest the hardest part about not being their today isn't about the beach or the virgin pina coladas, it's about not being able to be their with them on their special day. But despite the fact that I wish I were there, I am still filled with happiness for them! Congratulations Jeff and Brandi, to two wonderful people who deserve each other, and all the wonderful blessings life has to offer. Love you both!


Atwoods said...

i wish you were there too...and i was too. how fun for them!

Jamie said...

I am sorry for you, Chelsea! I know how it is to give stuff up for money reasons! But, you wrote such a nice tribute to them, she will love it! Can't wait to gab this week, maybe that'll cheer ya up a little! :)