Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day.

This year was a big Christmas for us because it was the first one that we celebrated in our own home. Usually we are traveling and staying with family but not this year! I had so much fun setting up all the presents and stockings Christmas Eve. Justin had lots of fun putting up the boys new train table.

Christmas morning Justin's mom and Jim came over to celebrate Christmas morning with us. We woke Kam and Karson up and I loved seeing their cute little expressions as we all gathered around the tree. Their eyes caught sight of the train table and train right off and they spent a good amount of time playing with it before even noticing any other gifts. We took our time opening all our gifts and had a nice relaxing morning. It was so nice having Janice and Jim in our home, they made the most adorable barn for Kamden. We were all spoiled so much and I couldn't ask for a better Christmas morning.

We were planning on heading up to the cabin that afternoon but the snow was coming down. Justins brother Jade and his wife got stuck on their way over from Boise. While we waited for them to get here we went to visit my family. Finally Jade got into town and we ended up having a very unexpected, yet delightful Christmas dinner of chicken tacos, along with a quite evening at home playing with the boys toys.

Friday morning we made some visits to Grandpa and Grandma Johnson and Mom Janice and then headed up to the cabin. When we got to the cabin we had found that Santa had stopped by their too. The boys enjoyed opening even more presents and the big boys really enjoyed their yo-yos. The next couple of days we spent laying around enjoying the beautiful snowy outdoors, from inside the nice and warm cabin. We watched movies, played games, ate great food, and enjoyed each others company. Saturday all the boys headed up to Targee to snowboard/Ski while the girls watched chick flicks. We had a wonderful weekend!
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What a great Christmas for us!!! I am so greatful to have such wonderful family and friends!

p.s- I attempted to make my own digital Christmas Cards to send out this year. Although I did get one designed it never left my computer. Sorry!

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