Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wife Taged Back

So a week ago or so Chelsea put up some quite embarrassing pictures and facts about yours truly. I am stuck at some training classes for a few days so thought I would share some of the same facts about your lovely host. She is always so forthcoming on tidbits about the boys of the Johnson residence but rarely does she open the doors to her own wonderful talent/features/quirks.

1. What is her name? Chelsea Rae Johnson (Colgrove) those closest know her as "Cheech"

2. Who eats more? I guess always me

3. Who said "I love you" first? Me, I am pretty sure is said it wrong in Spanish

4. Who is taller? I am by a solid 3 inches, unless the 'fro is on then it is more like 6.

5. Who is smarter? When it comes to books it is close, but in life definitely her. Her favorite comment when i do something stupid is "Hu, Princeton, Right" accompanied with a head shake.

6. Who is more sensitive?Equally sensitive about most things, she is definitely more sensitive to other peoples needs/wants etc.

7. Who does the laundry?Chelsea thank goodness. I have an annoying habit of washing pens with the laundry.

8. Who sleeps on the Right side of the bed?Depends on which way your facing, but her.

9. Who pays the bills?Usually me, but Chelsea is starting to become interested

10. Who cooks more?For real elaborate things i probably cook the most, Chelsea is the baker though. She can make a cookie that you would die for.

11. What meals do you cook together? We try to spend the time in the kitchen together. Either talking or working together.

12. Who is more stubborn?I vote Chelsea, for proof see exhibit Karson: he looks like her and is super stubborn, Kamden on the other hand is more mellow and people say he looks like me.

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship?Probably have to disagree with Cheech, she wears the pants.

14. What do you like to do together? One of my favorite things to do with her is take road trips. We started dating 13 years ago (yikes!) and i can still talk to her for ten hours in a car with no problem. I also love playing games with her.

15. Who eats more sweets?Once again probably a toss up. We both enjoy our treats.

16. Guilty Pleasures?She loves TV shows and movies. She loves to cuddle up in bed and watch Smallville, The Hills, Movies, (insert any TV Show Here).

17. How did you meet? The pursuit began in eighth grade. I finally asked her out in 9th grade (this is the type of dating where you hold hands and talk on the phone)

18. Who asked out who? I asked her out

19. Who kissed who first?I kissed her I suppose. It was more like me kissing at her since she didn't participate.

20. Who proposed to who? I proposed to her in the car on the way back from Vegas (not to romantic I know, i was only 19). She quickly responded "Not only no, but Hell No" once the tears started she figured out I was serious and the rest is history.

21. Her best features? Well she has one super feature that i like but will not mention. I also love this little space, it is trademark Cheech and I love it. I also think she has nice hair when she just leaves it alone.

22. Her best Quality. Where to even start. She takes care of me and the boys great, without her i wouldn't have clothes to wear, i would have a filthy house, i would never do anything exciting. She is funny (freakin hilarious, just ask her), she is smart, she is always there for me. She is a blast to hang out with, she makes me a better person, and she is my best friend. I better stop or i will fill up the whole blog.

Now you all know your wonderful host a little better. She is one of a kind that's for sure. Until next time, J.


Atwoods said...

how sweet! and i agree, justin, she is a FABULOUS lady.

Harts said...

Oh thats so fun that he did that. It's true, I rarely hear much about you. It was good for him to dish up details, ha ha ha JK Hope to see you at Christmas

Jamie said...

Very nice tribute to your awesome wife, Justin! You are both lucky to have each other!!

The Squire Family said...

What a nice husband you have there! No wonder you are so happy!! We miss you all! Merry Christmas!

taylia said...

i love it! that is chels to a T

Yates Family said...

Awwwwwww.......reading that makes me miss her!! And you Justing but mostly her:) Love you Cheech!???