Monday, December 22, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.

Outside right now it is a complete blizzard. We are all snowed in for the night. It's only 8:24 and Justin and both the boys are sound asleep. The house is nice and quite and very peaceful. All the lights are off and the Christmas lights are aglow. I am taking advantage of the time to sit here relax and take it all in. Makes me think of all the simple things that make this time of year so pleasurable.

We have been very busy this last week getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the holiday season. Last Tuesday I had some of the gals in the Johnson family over for lunch. Our kids got to play and we got to visit. It is nice to have family around to hang out with. Justin is really lucky to have had such a wonderful extended family! Now I am lucky too that I get to be a part of it.

When I was doing some grocery shopping on Monday I ran into an old friend from college. We both are living in the area now and on Thursday we took our kids to a pizza/play place to have fun. It was so nice cathcing up with each other and I am so happy to have such a great friend. I am sure that we will be having lots more fun together! Thursday night we had Justins company Christmas party. It was fun to get out and meet the people he works with. They had a catered dinner,at guest comedian Kip Ataway. The best part about it all was spending time with my wonderful husband.

Friday I went to my moms house and tried getting some Christmas projects done that I have yet to finish. That afternoon we headed off to Justins work to see Santa. They had cookies,punch,hot cocoa, and they even handed out personalized presents to each kid. Kam and Karson wouldn't even get close to Santa but stood at arms length to grab their presents. Maybe next year they won't be so scared of him. It was fun to go and see where Justin works. The boys played at his desk and loved the stapler and hole punch.

Saturday I braved the crowds and did some last min. shopping. CRAZY! It was so busy and wild. I then went down to my moms and made candy and finished my Christmas projects.

Sunday we had some really good friends of ours, Janet Jon and their baby Samantha, come and visit. It was great to see them and meet Sam for the first time. We spent our time catching up and enjoying each others company. The boys were in love with Samantha, and loved entertaining her with their tricks and toys. She is six months old and so cute! It has been over two years since we last saw each other but yet we picked up like it was yesterday. It is so good to have such great friends.

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