Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Wednesday Justin headed off to sunny Florida for some training. While he was gone I attempted to get the last of my Christmas shopping done. Its amazing how you can spend three hours shopping and still have more to do. It looks like I still have a few items to pick up. Guess I will have to join the chaotic world of last min shopping which equals, busy roads, busy stores, and busy parking lots. A few things I could definitely do without!

We had a very lazy weekend which was nice! Our siblings Karlee, Randy, and Eli ended up staying all weekend at our house. Saturday morning we awoke to a winter wonderland! The ground was covered in snow. Justin got home Saturday afternoon and the rest of the day we spent eating pizza (delivered of course)drinking hot cocoa, watching movies, and playing several games. We stayed in our p.j.s all weekend practically. We sure had a lot of fun! Sunday we took the kids over to Justins parents and they played in the snow. It was only six degress outside so they got cold quick. Kamden got pulled on the sled behind the Ranger and Karson sat in the tractor with pa, plowing the snow. That night we went to my parents for dinner and watched the Forgotten Carols. It was nice to have such a relaxing weekend.

Also some very exciting news. Justin is now officially licensed as a Professional Engineer. He got his stamp in the mail the other day and was very excited. Congrats Justin!


The Squire Family said...

What does a professional engineer mean???

taylia said...

Wow! Look at you go...Princeton is paying off now huh?!?