Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The stocking are hung, the tree is up, there is even snow on the ground outside. Things around here are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Friday night we went to our ward Christmas party. We had a delicious meal and the little children sang. Santa came to visit, but no matter how hard we tried we could not get Kamden to sit on his lap. Saturday night we went to the Idaho Falls Symphony Christmas program. Justin had got tickets through work so we invited my parents to go with us. I'm not really one for the Symphony but we ended up having a great time and it was a lot better then I expected. Last night we went to visit Santa again. In town there is this house that Santa comes too. They decorate it all up, and the kids wait in line to sit on his lap. There was Christmas music playing and they even had hot Chocolate. It was very cute, but even after Kam saw mom and Karson sitting on Santas lap he still wouldn't do it. At least I got to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas. :)

I forgot to pack my camera around both times we saw Santa, but here are some from this past week.

We only have lights on the tree so far, so it still looks pretty bare. I can't seem to keep the two boys and dog away from it. They are constantly crawling under it, and behind it. The other day Kamden threw a ball in it. Maybe I won't be putting any ornaments on it this year after all.

I was trying to feed Karson some jello, of course he wanted to do it himself instead. This boy is so stubborn. For some odd reason I can't ever seem to keep him clean.

A very cute Kamden!


Matt and Jessie said...

Why are kids so reluctant to talk to the jolly man? Maybe by Christmas he will be used to seeing him and will give him his Christmas list! Your house looks really nice! I love the stockings!

David and Kira Bowen said...

Such cute boys you have. Thanks for sharing the story about Kamden playing the organ. It makes me feel better to know that my family isn't the only one out there who can't make it through church without disrupting everything. Kamden wins it though - that is so funny!

Janica said...

What a cute blog my dear Chelsea! Thanks for sharing:) I am so happy I ran into you the other night...it made my week! Your boys are freaking ADORABLE!!! And your house is so cute, too.

Harts said...

Hey Chels :) I love the jello pictures! Briggs insists on feeding himself as well, all the time. That's funny about Santa, thats good that Karson sat on his lap. We will be coming up north on the 24th :)

Julie said...

I can't tell you enough that your oldest boy looks just like Justin. Where do you guys live? In Shelley? Your house looks so festive. We are not really doing much with decorations because we are leaving soon. Your house really makes it seem like Christmas.